The Gaelic and Community Relations Officer, based within the team, works to raise the profile of Gaelic at the University and beyond, to create opportunities for its use.

The Gaelic Officer also supports staff and students in a variety of ways:

  • advising on Gaelic-related issues such as translation, Gaelic learning and Gaelic policy
  • delivering workshops for staff and students who wish to learn more about Gaelic and its place at the University
  • running the Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach) to develop the skills and highlight the achievements of students working to promote Gaelic
  • administering the STAG Grant Scheme which offers support to students wishing to organise Gaelic activities and events
  • by working with colleagues and students to deliver the Gaelic Language Plan

Community Outreach

Seachdain na Gàidhlig (Edinburgh Gaelic Festival) is an annual city-wide festival celebrating the Gaelic community in Edinburgh, past and present. The University founded the festival, and the University's Gaelic Officer currently chairs the festival committee.

A Gaelic Conversation Circle is held each week of term time for staff, students and members of the public.

Further information

Find out more about the University’s commitment to Gaelic and our wider work to promote Gaelic in the community:

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